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How to place an order?

We place the order in Preorder mode (more about the order mode in the appropriate tab on the page), just click on the item you are interested in, choose the standard or premium option, add an article to the basket, which intuitively guides you through the selection of delivery, up to payment.


What are the types of payments?

In our store you can pay by online transfers in PayU payments and on delivery – cash on delivery.

We also introduce PayU with their innovative product in the form of deferred payments. You order an article you are interested in – and the amount for it is charged to your account only when you receive it from us.


What is the payment date?

Payments are settled on an ongoing basis in real time or in deferred payments, i.e. with the receipt of a shipment from us or upon delivery, payable to the courier.


What is the time to process the order?

We realize orders within 7-14 days from the moment of receiving information about the purchased item. The delivery time is longer than the standard time in other stores, but remember – we do every item for your individual order.


Can you return the purchased goods? How to do it?

Yes, according to consumer law – when shopping “at a distance” in the online store you have 14 days to return the purchased goods – more information can be found in our regulations.


Who covers the costs of return shipment?

The cost of return shipment is covered by the buyer.


How much time after sending back the goods can I expect a refund?

After considering the return / exchange form and reviewing the status of the returned product, – if the verification of the return will be basic, and the product will not bear traces of use and will be a full-value product – we will refund you within 30 days. It usually takes less time.


I have a doubt about the size, who can help me?

Before choosing a product, please read its description carefully, in it you will find the exact dimensions of all sizes. If you still have doubts, use the contact form and write to our message – our technical support team will try to help you as soon as possible.


How to care for your products?

For every product we provide, we attach a paper label on which we give the exact composition of the material from which we made the product for you. In addition, information on the care of fabrics can be found on our website in the “Care of fabrics” tab


What kind of origin, type and class are the materials from which your products are made?

Our products are made of materials from Italy the USA and Turkey. It is important for us that they are of the highest quality – hence, before selecting a specific material for production, we test a dozen or so – so that the customer receives a product of the highest quality. We focus on quality and we believe that the customer who will make purchases with us will be satisfied with the quality of the product and will come back to us again and again