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About us

All along, our the biggest motivation to create was love of beautiful, original and finest things. We are afflated by high fasion, legendary style and elegance which French women are renowned for and dynamicity of life. We decided to rise to today’s world needs. Of course, we create for women who need to feel exceptionally and who appreciate high quality, conveniency, simultaneously want to look stunningly and elegantly. For confident women who like to feel beautifully, casually and who choose timeless solutions and universality.



Our projects are effect of work and huge involvement by fantastic artists: perennial experience, knowledge and yet bigger passion. All clothes develope in Poland, blue-ribbon materials are bring from Italy, the United States and Turkey. Our dream is to create products which emphasize assets every silhouette and let up on – so we add premium option except for standard clothing sizes. It is marked by made-to-measure. In that every product can be fit for purpose, to make every woman feel the most beautiful in the world.


Since our second collection we have been decided extend our offer and bring man counter to life.

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